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Full Version: Important News about Jim Parry and the Project
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Rest in peace. Jim
Its very sad. Best wishes for his family and loved ones. We'll remember him.
Hello Lonnie and CI Friends,

It's hard to know what to say at a moment like this, especially about a man like Jim Parry...

Jim gave me, and all of us, SO so much in resurrecting and nurturing CodeIgniter.

And not least of all, he has left us the CodeIgniter Foundation, which is MUCH more than most Open Source leaders ever accomplish.

To Jim, go with God, sir. I thank Him for putting you on this Earth.

To Lonnie, thank you for what you have already done, and for picking up Jim's mantle of leadership.

To the rest of the CodeIgniter Community, let's support Lonnie and the others in CI Community leadership, and do everything we can to build and nurture our community, and to honor Jim's memory as we do so.

To the Parry Family, thank you for all that you have given us through Jim. He was always kind to me and the others in our community ON TOP of all the great technical gifts he gave us.

I will always remember Jim with great respect and affection, and hold his family in high regard.

Sincere condolences,

Jason Ziegler & friends at Cosolis, LLC
RIP Jim ;(
Hi friends,
I live VietNam, I use CodeIgniter since 2.x
Respect Jim, thank you Jim contribution, rest in peace!
Thank you Jim, my condolences to your family, you will continue to be present in my memory. Encouragement to continue with the project honoring your memory.

Gracias Jim, mis condolencias a su familia, seguirás presente en mi recuerdo; ánimo para continuar con el proyecto honrando su memoria.
Thank you for all you've done for CodeIgniter
RIP to Jim

Didn't know the situation is so bad with him.
Truly dedicated person, it is quite sad that he left us.
RIP Jim....
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