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Full Version: Important News about Jim Parry and the Project
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inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’un
This is very sad news. RIP JIM. We will really miss you.
Thank you
RIP JIM ,We will surely miss you.
This is upsetting news. Jim Parry certainly had a passion for this project. He was great to interact with. Our company sends the Parry family condolences.
Sad news RIP Jim I know that you will be missed.
RIP Jim, you will be missed a lot. Thanks for your priceless effort with this project.
Condolences from Europe
RIP Jim!
So sad to hear. Our thoughts goes to Jim's family and friends.
Will do our best to keep Jim's memory alive through the CI project.
Oh! Sad RIP Jim. Condolence from Nagaland (India).
Thank you.
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