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Full Version: Important News about Jim Parry and the Project
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I'm in utter shock right now. I don't even know how to feel. That said, I'm glad that Lonnie will be taking over, since he is definitely the most qualified to make any attempt at filling Jim's shoes. Jim was a source for inspiration and energy for this project, and things will never be the same. I know in my heart that Lonnie has what it takes to keep things moving in a positive direction, so I'm not worried about CI's future. This is probably the best possible outcome given the unfortunate circumstances behind our losing Jim. To Jim's family, I wish all the best. To Lonnie, I'm looking forward to see the direction you steer this project in going forward.
Thank you Jim..
A huge thank you to Jim and condolences to those close to him. Aroha nui.
Rest in peace Jim, we will miss you very much
RIP JIM Condolence from Parry family.
Such a sorrowful news for all of us, and personally I was always wondering the man behind that picture. Still good to see you all there, a group of good people organized, aimed at pushing everything forward like he desired. Bring my condolences to his family if you have any chance to talk to them again. We will go on now, and he can have a nice rest in peace, being proud of our success.
Thx Jim. RESPECT...
For all Russian programmers, I translate all official documentation very carefully (, Supplement it to facilitate understanding and entry threshold. Very sorry that it happened (((

(Sorry for my bad English)
Like so many others, I'm also saddened to hear about Jim. May he RIP, and also agree that the best way we can honor his legacy is to keep CodeIgniter strong and vibrant and open.

Lonnie, thanks for stepping up and for everything you've already done to get us to this point.
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