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Full Version: Important News about Jim Parry and the Project
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RIP Jim  Sad
My condolences to the family. Sad news indeed.

You guys have all done a great job so far. best of luck to you guys
Very sad news.

RIP Jim, your contribution to the Codeigniter will always be remembered.
My sincere condolences to him family.
RIP(Return If Possible) JIM
RIP Jim, thank you for all you've done!
I have used Codeigniter for many years, and I haven't had an account in this forum.

I register this forum just to express my gratitude towards all the people behind Codeigniter.

Thanks for creating such a wonderful project. 
Thanks, Jim, for leading the Codeigniter project.

Tough time doesn't last. Stay strong, brothers in the CI community.
Been using CI for several years now and wanted to register to pass my condolences to Jim's family. 

Also to say thank you to Jim and to all other contributors for your work in keeping CI alive.

Thank You!
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