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Full Version: CI forum moderators needed - Any volunteers?
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Hi Everyone,

We are looking for 3 to 5 forum moderators. All you will have to do is check the moderation queue whenever you log in (or have time) to see which posts need approving or deleting. This is usually first time posters and you recall what it was like when your first post was invisible until moderated, can be an infuriating wait especially if you are stuck on an installation issue. Sometimes we need to edit a post if it has 'dubious' content or insults or just goes to far. I am sure you know what I mean although our community is not a toxic one so this is a rare occurrence.

We would ask that anyone volunteering should have been a member for a while with a good reputation. (The exact definition of these things is not well defined, but again I am sure you know what I mean.)

If you visit the forum quite often and would like to help out with this we would appreciate it very much. The more eyes we have the better really as this task can easily be missed.

If you would like to volunteer please post a reply to this thread and I will get back to you very soon.

Places are limited so if you don't get selected please do not take it personally. We may expand the moderator team again later in the year. Later on we may invite moderators to be promoted to full admins, but for now it is just about dealing with the moderation queue usually for new members' first posts.

Thank you in advance,

Hello ! Please consider me :-D I would be very happy to help the community ! Though I don't have much reputation, I have a lot of good will :-D

I try to answer to people when I can, and I try to contribute to the framework as much as possible too :-)
I can handle some moderation work as I am quite often here.
I can spare some time, between answering threads. I can also fix the Report button if you like, so we can get some more work in the queue lol.
Well I've moderated plenty of discussion forums in the past (those of which were using MyBB and vBulletin). I can spare some time every day for this moderation. I was already planning (and starting) to help people in the forums as it is. If you think I am a good candidate or would like more information, PM or contact me anytime Smile
Hey Paul! Count me in. CI4 got me excited, so I’m here quite often now. Almost everyday.
Hi Paul,

I am and have been for many years a Mentor on a popular software forum and available for moderation.

I live in Bangkok, Thailand and will be able to quickly monitor the abundance of Asian users due to global time differences.

Looking forward to the imminent version which no doubt will be very soon
Hey thanks everyone. Your responses are much appreciated and I will get this organised by the end of tomorrow at the latest.

Anyone else interested? Its is not too late to volunteer.


I'm willing to dedicate some time to assist.
Thank you everyone.

Would warmly welcome our new moderators who can edit posts to tidy (code tags etc) and delete spammy or abusive posts.


A thankyou to the two other volunteers, littlej and JNapolitanoIT, who also volunteered. Thankyou for your kind offer to help and we will keep your info for a future round of moderators.

For our new moderators I will now see how I can upgrade your accounts as I am somewhat unfamiliar with the BB backend, although I am sure it cannot be that difficult.

Will let you when it is done. This was a role Jim performed incredibly well and our board is pretty much free from spam or abuse. Together I am sure we will be able to keep it that way.

Welcome aboard,

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