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Full Version: High error rate at TechEmpower
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Hi all, I'm new around here, I've extensively used CI and HMVC back in 2010/2011 but after that my path took me around to other places.
Now I'm looking back into CI and as I have TechEmpower benchmarks as a reference, I tried to find out why CI is so low now compared to the past.
Thanks to this post I understood that they are still using CI 2.1.3 for the testing and I assume a lot of things changed in the meanwhile that account for the super high error numbers.

I also found out that they are running into problems ( ) possibly due to their testing environment.

I posted on to suggest them to update CI's version to a more recent one, so we could all have more accurate test results, but I'm now posting here to see if someone else over here can post there or knows of a better way to interact with them to update CI's version on the tests.
Hi, They are currently using CI 3.1.10 based on their composer file. Haven't checked on anything else.
Indeed. Didn't check for that, assumed their documentation was right. Do you find it strange that CI has such a high error rate ?