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Full Version: Question about $route['some']
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Hello, here i am whit some problem whit my route configuration, i am in some trouble making a new $route parameter. i dont know what i doing wrong because i make too much other routes and it work fine.

This route whenever i use give a 404 error. even when the index function or whatever other function i use exist. i dont know if there is a limit whit the routes. i will apreciated any help u can give for this problem.  Huh Sad

PHP Code:
$route['blog/buscar(.+)'] = "Blog"

there i goin to leave every other route i use

PHP Code:
$route['categoria-(.+)/(.+)'] = 'Categorias/categoria_spec';
$route['categoria-(.+)'] = 'Categorias/categoria_spec';
$route['especial-(.+)'] = 'Especial';
$route['oferta/(:any)'] = 'Productos';
$route['empresa/(:any)'] = 'Empresas/by_empresas';
$route['buscador(:any)'] = 'Buscador';
$route['registrar'] = "Usuario/registrar";
$route['validar-cuenta'] = "Usuario/validar";
$route['recuperar-cuenta'] = "Usuario/recuperar";
$route['validar?(:any)'] = "Usuario/validar_hash_view";
$route['recuperar-cuent?(:any)'] = "Usuario/recuperar_hash_view";
$route['usuarios/datos'] = "Usuario/miCuenta";
$route['usuarios/compras'] = "Usuario/compras";
$route['usuarios/compra/(:any)'] = "Usuario/comprasDetalle/$1";
$route['usuarios/cupones'] = "Usuario/cupones";
$route['usuarios/cupon/(:any)/(:any)/(:any)'] = "Usuario/cupon/$1/$1/$1";
$route['usuarios/imprimir/(:any)/(:any)/(:any)'] = "Usuario/get_pdf/$1/$1/$1";
$route['blog/buscar(.+)'] = "Blog"//there is the one
$route['blog'] = "Blog/blog";
$route['blog/c-(.+)'] = "Blog/categoria_blog";
$route['blog/c-(.+)/(.+)'] = "Blog/categoria_blog";
$route['blog/(:any)'] = "Blog/single";
$route['comprar'] = "CarroCompra/carroCompra";
$route['checkout'] = "CarroCompra/waiting_compra";
$route['sobre-nosotros'] = "Extras/nosotros";
$route['como-funciona'] = "Extras/nosotros";
$route['libro-de-reclamaciones'] = "Extras/reclamaciones";
$route['terminos-y-condiciones'] = "Extras/nosotros";
$route['politicas-de-devolucion-y-garantia'] = "Extras/nosotros";
$route['contacto'] = "Extras/contacto"
All routes that are (.+) or (:any) are catch all routes and need to be placed an the end
of all your routes.

Routes are called in the order that they are defined in.