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Full Version: CodeIgniter 4.0 is here!
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Great Job CI team, thanks to everyone worked on it. And big thank's James Perry for all!
Great news Smile
Congratulation for all developer team !
Finally, I will be able to put in production my application under CI4 Smile
First of all RIP James Perry. I had no idea this had happened.

Congrats to everyone in the team. I had my team testing the framework in the last couple of weeks and we'll continue to do so now that it is production ready.
Finally!!! CI 4 has arrived! thank you CI Council Wink
yes, nice to hear that release, i missed you James thanks!!
Congratulations. We Brazilians love CI. \O/
Thanks to all and the CodeIgniter Development Team.

Somewhere there is a summary of the improvements regarding CI 3?
Great news, thank you!
Nice news! Thanks!!!
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