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Full Version: Unable to load the requested class: sessionmessage
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An Error Was Encountered
Unable to load the requested class: sessionmessage - (Message as it appears in browser)

Did some searching on the old forum and the new forum (here)
- The encrypt file is intact
- not sure of the following quote, which file is it referring to
Quote:Presumably, the error is a result of one of the following reasons.
1) Somehow the filename of the library managed to chance causing CodeIgniter to be unable to find the file
2) Perhaps the file doesn't exist on the server and once again, CodeIgniter is unable to find it.
3) The filename may be different to that you are referring to in your code.
I am in process of moving website to a new host. The old host is windows based, the new is not. Domain not reassigned yet.
I changed the database file, that connects ok now
config.php has base_url changed to new address using IP/mysite
config.php has base_path changed to reflect new server
autoload.php is there and appears to need no changes

With moving to a linux based server maybe there is something else.

Any help appreciated.
What sessionmessage class you use ... dont know this class ? Wink
Maybe is time for you to do an upgrade...
Check the case of the filename to make sure it matches the requirements for your version of CI. Windows filesystems are usually case-insensitive, so another host OS will often reveal issues with filenames which were not seen on Windows.
Unfortunately I just have not been able to catch onto CodeIgniter. I have tried to learn it, tried to to do various edits, searches to find code, but it just is not a logical programming for me. I have around 6 sites which use CodeIgniter and need to move them all to a new host eventually. All sites built by someone else who no longer builds sites, and is uncontactable.

So I have no idea what session class, I imagine it would be the one in CodeIgniter version 2, as that is the version it would be. Site should be around 3-5 years old.

I probably need some sort of error codes turned on, but no idea how to.
In answer to mwhitney, I have no idea which file to search for, and file names is very likely the problem. From past experience of other non-CodeIgniter sites by same author, there is very loose coding. Lots of breaks when I moved a non-CodeIgniter site a few months ago.

Trouble is I cannot find the references to files in the code. I did a search for "sessionmessage" and only comes up in 1 place and I can not follow the line from there, so to say.
Difficult to find files when there is around 9500 files. Just seems so bloated. I would expect a site of this size to be no more than 2000 files. (And innumerable folders - 1263 according to windows)
The best way would be to contact the author of your nightmare file structure.
OK. Got it going. I did a search for sessionmessage and then looked at the sessionmessage text in all the files that came up. Noticed sessionmessage was lower case in all occurrences except the file name in the models folder. Changed that and about 6 other different files, now it loads. There are some image errors which will be capitals in place of lower-case. I have seen spaces used also in this guys file names.