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Full Version: set_cookie not working or am I missing something?
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Hello all, => Is this an ongoing issue?

I am not able to set_cookie with cookie helper and then redirect.

PHP Code:
private function setCookieClient($client)
set_cookie($this->cookieName$client['remember_token'], (strtotime($client['remember_expires'])-time()));

redirect()->redirect(route_toFixed('dashboardClient'))->with('notify', ['type'=>'success','message'=>'Success!']); 

Calling setCookieClient function and then calling redirect function not working at all. setCookieClient is a custom Auth Lib function however running set_cookie in the controller itself does not work either.

The only working solution was like the I mentioned previously.

PHP Code:
$this->response->setCookie(service('AuthClient')->cookieName$authstat['client']['remember_token'], abs(strtotime($authstat['client']['remember_expires'])- time() ))->setHeader('Location'route_toFixed('dashboardClient')); 

Or am I missing something else here?
Ok, as far as I am concerned -> the problem still persists. Yes it is possible to set cookie with redirect() however it is not possible to delete it. Yet, since there is no With, WithInput, to and back methods directly in Response, it seems I need to find a way to alter redirect() common function.