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Full Version: route_to & {locale}
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I have incorporated {locale} in my routes for a bilingual website. 

The actual routing seems to work if i add: 

PHP Code:
$routes->get('{locale}/contacts''Contacts::index', ['as' => 'contacts']); 

i am able to access and all with proper locale set in the request. 

The problem is when i try to use a reverse route so that i can make links in my views.  When i try:

PHP Code:
<?= route_to('contacts'?>

it returns "/{locale}/contacts" as a string - and i am expecting that the {locale} part will be replaced by the current locale set in the request so that when i am visit that reverse route would be resolved to "/en/contacts" string? 

Are my expectations wrong?  How should i proceed to generate URLs in my views then?  

I could of course get the string from route_to() function and manually replace the {locale} but that just doesnt seem right - i really thought that this thing should be possible/working by default
(03-23-2020, 09:09 AM)MGatner Wrote: [ -> ]Have you tried this since ?

Thanks for the info. I am kind of waiting for a release from CI with this implemented, or am i wrong to wait about that?
Up to you! Next release has no announced schedule so I can't advise on how long that might be.