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Full Version: Adding WhatsApp as reminder in my website
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I already have website,the employee send report text to the table,the do it daily. But some forget to do that. Is it possible to do this? If someone forget to send report for today, at night he will get reminder in his WhatsApp number. 
Any library or how to coding it? Any clues?
It's always best to read the official documentations. Normally you just use cURL to a pre-defined url.
Well, in real life most probably you do not have access to WhatsApp Business API, because it is restricted to Mid- to Large business and typically integration requires intermediary.

I would recommend to switch to Telegram messenger, Slack or to SMS. Notification for those tools are trivial (OK, for SMS you also need an intermediary, but probably your telco provides has some API).
WhatsApp GB is integrating the app within the messenger, to allow users to set reminders from within the messaging app. According to a blog post by, besides being able to set reminders from within WhatsApp, users will also be able to share events and reminders that have been saved on the app.
Thanks for sharing.
You can create a task by sending a direct message to from any of your WhatsApp contacts. You will be reminded as soon as tasks are due, straight through WhatsApp.