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Full Version: Ion_auth CI4 - Configuration problem
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I have implemented through archive all the files necessary for the installation of Ion Auth for CI4, but unfortunately I am shown a 404 error:

404 - File Not Found

Controller or its method is not found: \IonAuth\Controllers\Auth::login

I entered the correct routes, but nothing.
How can I correct it?
I managed to adapt it and make it work, I have to do some practice. Once logged in, I set it to be redirected to the index of another controller (not auth) but displays this error:

Call to a member function loggedIn() on null

PHP Code:
if (!$this->ionAuth->loggedIn())
    echo 'Non sei collegato';


Solved it by removing all ionauth files.
Then I installed ionauth with composer

    class Client extends BaseController
    protected $ionAuth;
    public function __construct()
        $this->ionAuth = new \IonAuth\Libraries\IonAuth();

    public function index()
            // note the auth without / at beg. nor end that's the route defined later
            return redirect('auth/login');
        else {
                echo "Logged in user";

My Routes

$routes->group('auth', ['namespace' => 'IonAuth\Controllers'], function ($routes) {
    $routes->add('login', 'Auth::login');
    $routes->get('logout', 'Auth::logout');
    $routes->add('forgot_password', 'Auth::forgot_password');

Now I have to work with the IonAuth views