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Full Version: I need help
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if still curable...

Couple of hours ago before my daily 5-6km run in the forest I tried to dump some money in form of a donation to futtin' Arch Linux.
Didn't work because their credit-card payment system doesn't support 2-factor authorization. (I hope this is the correct term in English)
Well, genius had no better idea than to re-open an account there to tell them about it.
Just deleted one some month ago because I almost didn't use it.

So he did and mentioned that he'd like to donate some money even beside the fact that his majesty is sometimes 'pissed-off' because of
incomplete commits in the mainline he still enjoys this operating system et cetera.

Result: account closed.

I laugh my ass off...

So, if this not insulting, kind of provoking post is reason enough to get the admins here to become pissed-off go ahead, delete my account.

Otherwise you'd probably be more grateful for any penny you can scratch together to get your work done and keeping the servers online.
So... in case you have a little bit thicker skin than these ignorant slicks and a working payment system for credit-cards let me know.


This is offtopic so I moved it from "General Help" to "Lounge".

So why are you battering us? If you don't want our help, you can just stop making threads/posts. No one are forcing you to be part of this Community.


thanks for you kind reply...

It's okay, steamed a bit this afternoon...