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Full Version: Helper number does not format decimal
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Hello people!

Was there an update to the helper number?
After I updated CI4 to the latest version (4.0.3) it is no longer formatting decimal numbers!


PHP Code:
$number 2.55;


PHP Code:
I have the same problem. Any solution?


number_to_currency($number, 'USD', null, 2);
number_to_currency($number, 'USD', null, 2); yes that works
(07-03-2020, 11:54 AM)captain-sensible Wrote: [ -> ]just tried this:

echo number_to_currency(1234.56, 'USD'); 

it returned $1,235

i loaded the helper 'number' in base controller like this:
public function __construct()
helper(['text', 'date','uri','html','form','security','number']);

//saves on a lot of typing , or load it in the controller you want to use in controller as :


This way it rounds the decimal places. Thing I needed.

PHP Code:
function number_to_currency(
    float $num,
    string $currency,
    ?string $locale null,
    ?int $fraction null
): string 

This function receives the $fraction, which we can add the number of decimal places we need. So, resolved.
yes i posted then read the small text 'solved' so went to delete thread- you must have beaten me to it !