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Full Version: Welcoming Michal Sniatala aboard
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Last week Michal Sniatala agreed to take a bigger role in the community as an official moderator/gatekeeper/probably-should-have-thought-of-a-real-title over at the GitHub repo. He will be joining Matthew Gatner and myself in reviewing and merging/declining PRs and issues to the core framework.

Michal has been active for quite a while and we welcome the additional set of hands to keep the project moving forward.

Welcome aboard!
Good news.
I congratulate him for his decision.  The more contribution, the stronger the CodeIgniter is.
Glad to hear this. I appreciate Michal's decision.
Thanks very much Michal!!

Welcome to the community!!
Oh... I feel like Internet Explorer right now... I should notice this thread earlier. Thanks for the welcome everybody Smile
good news, thanks Michal!
Great, I'm happy my favorite PHP framework keeps growing stronger and stronger. Thanks Michal for joining hands with the already great Killshan and Matthew
This is great news. Thanks Michal.
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