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Full Version: not working getGetPost and getPostGet
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Hello Mate.

Currently using CodeIgniter 4.0.3 for a project I created, i do not know if this is a known bug or not.
But Recently i discovered, when using getGetPost or getPostGet, the second fallback doesn't return anything just empty array (array (0) {} with var_dump), but when i tried the getGet or getPost it return just fine.

So i post it here so someone could take a look.

So for workaround i just using the regular getGet or getPost.

Good Day Mate.
I think when I use getGetPost with $index parameter is null , it should get ALL Get Data, isn't it?
You should upgrade to CodeIgniter 4.0.4 which may have already fixed the problem.
I don't know if it is on 4.0.4 or on the dev version, but definitely there's already a fix for that.