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Full Version: Upgrading section for Manual Installation users
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While this does not affect me, we should probably have a section in the Upgrade docs of what files have changed during the version bump, for the benefit of users who have manually installed CI4 before.

For example, in the app folder the following have changed: .... For system: .... Also, we can say just cut and paste the whole system folder there but we need to be specific with the other directories.
i'm rather old school and like doing everything manually because i like to relate what goes where and what does what.

I have recently seen the benefits of using composer recently although i'm not 100% about the way it works with CI4.

There is an element of duplication or sort of " Spiegel im Spiegel " which is justified by if i remember "thats in case you need to compare.. files changed against unchanged.." well if i need to have a second copy i could just git clone and keep the cloned copy to refer to ?

Another approach is simply to have a section off topic maybe about composer and benefits when you need to update things eg Bootstrap and CI4
I definitely think we need this somewhere clear and accessible.

Quick plug while I’m here, check out Tatter/Patches for automated comparisons and merging when there are framework modifications to project files: