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Full Version: Codeigniter 4 ErrorException Undefined variable: table
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I am facing this issue of Undefined variable as shown in the image attached which I am not sure what is wrong.

[Image: LOPyi.jpg]

My code as follows:


public function game_reg()
        $data = [];
        $validation =  \Config\Services::validation();
        if($this->request->getMethod() == 'post'){
            $user_id = session()->get('user_id');
            $rules = [
                'game_id' => 'required',
                'ign' => 'required|is_unique[game_reg.ign]',
                'acc_id' => 'required'
            $errors = [
                'ign' => [
                    'is_unique' => 'IGN already exist!'
                'acc_id' => [
                    'is_unique' => 'Account ID already exist!'
            if(!$this->validate($rules, $errors)){
                $data['validation'] = $this->validator;
                //store information into database
                $model = new GameregModel();
                $newData = [
                    'game_id' => $this->request->getVar('game_id'),
                    'ign' => $this->request->getVar('ign'),
                    'acc_id' => $this->request->getVar('acc_id'),
                    'user_id' => session()->get('user_id'),
                    'created_by' => session()->get('username')
                $session = session();
                $session->setFlashdata('success', 'Game Successfully Added!');
                return redirect()->to(base_url('account/game_reg'));
        echo view('templates/header', $data);
        echo view('account/game_reg');
        echo view('templates/footer');


<select id="myDropdown">
                        $i = 1;
                        foreach($table as $t) :
                    <option value="<?= $t['game_id']; ?>" data-imagesrc="/img/logo_<?= strtolower($t['game_name']); ?>.jpg"><?= $t['game_name']; ?></option>
                    <?php endforeach; ?>

If I remove away the is_unique function, everything works perfectly fine but when I include the is_unique, I get the error. Hope someone can help me out of this. Thanks in advance guys!
Your $data array dosen't contain anything named "table".

$data['table'] = [];