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Full Version: guidance on a GUI
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My app uses ci_simplicity to create this menu scheme. it is horizontal and not very appealing visually. I have seen more modern layouts, for example I viewed the Fusion Auth website. They have a vertical menuing layout that seems much more modern with submenu choices. 

Where can I find a tool that will allow me to create a more modern UI like the one fusion auth uses? Something with submenu items rather than all choices at a single level? What is such a tool called?
Allow me to suggest the w3schools website with the bootstrap tutorial:
thx. I see a bunch of Bootstrap 4 templates. Some of them are very close to what I want.  Here is a (free) template I would like to use I have unzipped it into my views folder. But what now? I don't see any directions.
Well in looking how ci_synchronicity works I see that  $this->output->set_template('default2'); where default2.php is the template for the menuing. Can I assume that I should change the index.html that comes with starting_bootstrap  template should be changed to a php file and then loaded with set template?

Where do I set the views directory? Right now it is pointing at "views/themes". I need it to point at views/startbootstrap-sb-admin-gh-pages. This way when I call $this->output->set_template('index'); it will get index.php out of the correct directory. 
Why don't you just use the boilerplate that is in the addins forum that has Myth/Auth and AdminLTE?


Thanks, I had no idea these were up there. There are loty of free templates but they don't have directions on how to use them with CI. I just found this: stisla-codeigniter that seems to fit the bill. Unfortunately, this seems to be removed.

AdminLTE seems to be possible if I can figure out how to get it to work with CI.
It's easy just download Myth/Auth and install it from the
Then install Boilerplate from the

I have it all running here just fine.