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Full Version: To convert MySQL database structure into CodeIgniter 4 Database Migrations
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According to the guide here:, migrations are a convenient way for you to alter your database in a structured and organized manner. 

It is great, but only when you have a brand new database to develop. What if some databases have already developed? I can see the potential of this migration feature as it can manage the database version much better. But it is kinda hard for me to use it when I already have a database structure. Indeed, some people may prefer using the old way to develop the MySQL database first. So it would be best if there is a conversion tool to convert the MySQL database structure into CodeIgniter 4 Database Migrations. I know it may be hard but please consider this feature as it can greatly enhance the usability of the CodeIgniter Migrations.
Thank you.
This sounds quite interesting! I would love to see such a feature/tool!