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Full Version: Codeigniter + React Admin is it a good pair?
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Is it wise to use codeigniter with React framework?
Is it good supported?
I used CI v2.x/3.,x with a react front end and redux. It works fine.
Actually using any front-end framework in CodeIgniter is not officially supported, but you can still configure and make it works for you. I'm using Vue.js in all my CI projects (v3 and now v4) and everything works as expected. Fortunately, CI4 now has more flexible directory structure, so you can create your own directory structure as you like. Combining it with any front end framework is not a hard effort
I have tried to use another front-end framework with Codeigniter by was't successful year. As mentioned above by @adnzaki I'll try with Vue.js and let me see. ll respond my update here.