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Full Version: Wrong language for the form errors
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All form errors like "the fields ... is required" is in english, but i'm using french on my website, and the form_validation_lang is in french... Huh

Someone knows why theses expressions aren't in french ?

Please tell us what version of CodeIgniter your using.

Because you need to use CodeIgniters language files to change the text on the forms.


Language Class

You can download the translations here:

Translations for CodeIgniter 3

Ant custom text you will need to create your own language file.
I'm using the version 3.1.6 of codeIgniter
Okay so, now the form errors are in french (i modified the config.php file), but the fields names stay in english, but all the fiels names are translated in my system_lang.php
Can you post your form code here so that we can see what is going on?
it’s all good, I managed to translate the entire fields and form errors, thanks for the docs. I will come back if other problems arise.