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Full Version: URI Class not functioning properly.
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I have a page with pagination on it. For the first pagination page there is no value, so I could get something like this:


I am using uri to assoc, so page will hold the value to use for my pagination and then I do some calculation to find exactly where in the url the value is located to $config['uri_segment'] for those who know what I mean.

The problem with the url above is that instead of page getting an empty value "" or false it gets the value 'c' and then five has then become an index within the array.

This should not be the case.

I have to always place the page/ at the end of the url. Can someone tell me what else could be done?

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[eluser]louis w[/eluser]
localhost/admin/account/page//c/5 is not a valid url. why can't you put 0 in there instead of nothing?

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[quote author="louis w" date="1208991177"]localhost/admin/account/page//c/5 is not a valid url. why can't you put 0 in there instead of nothing?[/quote]

It is valid if your using .htaccess file to remove the index.php name and Pagination does not add a value to the url when it's on the first page.

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MY_Pagination - Inserts pagination segment into base_url: