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Full Version: tutorial's ci4
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on the net and on youtube there are many pseudo tutorial's on ci4.
In a pragmatic way they are all the same and none concrete.
You can't find a guide how to do ............ a user registration with email authentication, or how to use the CLI-Create.
It's ugly
How bad is the community that is not interested in disclosing.
CodeIgniter is better than lavarel and others but help is needed.
I hope someone takes action
The framework is just some months old, don't expect it to be publicized like laravel, but we are moving gradually towards that. Best regards

Here are some concrete video's along with information on supporting the lead developer of CI4
thanks for the information, I hope that someone with a good heart, no patron, will dedicate themselves to serious explanations
I do not agree, the documentation is very well done and the youtube videos complete it perfectly
Also don’t forget to check out the CodeIgniter 4 Playground!
I've got a YouTube video here that covers the basics of CI4 - I'm planning to upload more as soon as I get chance.
Quote:It's ugly How bad is the community that is not interested in disclosing

Haha! You're funny! You think we keep all the knowledge to ourselves just to piss you off? Do you have an idea how time consuming it is to write a good tutorial with proper code example? I started a blog this year exactly to fill the need of CI4 tutorials. Because it is true there's not a lot of them. But the only reason is because CI4 is still very young. Not because we are an ugly community that don't want to share knowledge and help our fellow CI developers!

Anyway, you can check out my CI4 tutorials, but I guess you will complain there's not enough. Come back later, there will be more. I can guarantee that!
I would like to clarify one thing
Maybe it's the translator's fault, English isn't my language, but I didn't think what was translated.
I didn't mean that you keep all knowledge to yourself.