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Full Version: Form validation problem in Codeigniter 4
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This is the code in my crontroller:

PHP Code:
$fields = array(
    "id" => "numeric"

$final_fields = array();

//to remove the fields if the post request doesn't found
foreach ($fields as $field => $validate) {
    if (!is_null($this->request->getPost($field))) {
        $final_fields[$field] = $validate;

if (!
$final_fields) {
    return true;

$validate $this->validate($final_fields);

if (!
$validate) {
    $validation = \Config\Services::validation();
    $message $validation->getErrors();
    echo json_encode($message);

This code is working fine.

But the problem is, if I submit empty value, it's also giving error.

{"id":"The id field must contain only numbers."}

This field is not required, so why it's showing error?
Where am I wrong? Please help. Thanks in advance.
Try adding "permit_empty" rule.


PHP Code:
$fields = array(
    "id" => "permit_empty|numeric"
@nicojmb, it worked. Thanks.