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Full Version: how to catch a user 'X' ing the tab?
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My application uses only a single tab. When the user presses the regular "logoff" button my code runs the send_to_locker() function. But I also need to catch when users just X out the tab in the browser. How to do this? I tried putting the below line into my code but that doesn't seem to work. 

<body onbeforeunload="return send_to_locker()">

public function send_to_locker()
//some junk

Basically I am trying to store a user's "state" for the next time they visit. My code tries to send a few needed files to S3. If my server could somehow tell that the client is no longer connected,  that might do it. How can I do this?
Thanks Insite. Is there any ability under CI to start up an asynch thread ? I have a need to download a bunch of images and don't want to lock up the UI while I am doing this?
You would need to use JavaScript Ajax for that it has a switch for it.
AWS has an asynch transfer (to s3) that I will use. Thkx