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Full Version: CI 4 contact form with configuration
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anyone can tell me how to configure the contact us form with CI4.

I am a beginner to backend programming. So I need it from start to end.

please help me
We help users here we do not write the code for you, read the CodeIgniter users guide on forms.

If you have a problem we will gladly help you out but we will not write everything for you.


google search -> codeigniter 4 contact form
Dear Jeewakapk, as InsiteFX said - we do help, but i have the feeling that the problem is that you don't understand how this PHP plaform works. Moving from that - you don't know how to use it and what the approach and opportunities are...

Read the manual first, install CI4 and make a playground, experiment, open youtube and see some detailed guides if needed.

We all have done it, seeked, learned.... etc

For example, for a beginer will do fine:
well lets be generous today with some pointers.

The basics are look into a simple form. It has fields with labels , i.e names

The form will use "POST" to some controller.

IN that controller you get get what a web surfer entered using :


where name is the label given to the text field in the form.

Once you collate what the user entered and considered security i.e clean up what a malicious user might do , its then just a case of sending that info to your own email. If you search this forum i have already set out how that can be done using PHPMailer. You an also use CI4 approach i.e their own email system