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Full Version: CODEIGNITER | Help remove segments from URL
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Hello ,
I have a problem setting up my current website's URL

I bought a php scripts that handles some property listings , but the developer dosent respond to my emails.
All i want to do is to modify how the url will behave.
I managed to remove the index.php using the .htacces but from there on i can't find where to modify.

The current URL of a property is : https://www.domain.tld/i/en/property/54b...ent-Tulcea
The script is under a sub-folder : /i/
As I see the script has a multilanguage function /en/ ; every property has in its URL the /property/ and the /unique-id/ segments.
Clinica-Unident-Tulcea is the property title ( from Clinica Unident Tulcea the title has " - " as divider )

I want to remove the multilanguage function ( not just from the url ) .
Also from the URL is want to remove the /property/ and the /unique-id/ segments.
After the modifications the URL to be like  : https://www.domain.tld/i/Clinica-Unident-Tulcea


As for other pages I have the fallowing : https://www.domain.tld/i/en/account/
After removing the multilanguage function will the /en/ from all the URL be removed ?

Thanks for helping in advance.
Is there a posible way to resolve my problem or any guidence what to edit ?
The majority of what you're looking to remove is going to be within the code you purchased. There are many different ways to do the things you are trying to undo, so it's nearly impossible to tell you what to do with just a description of the behavior. If you can't get documentation or support from the people that sold you the code, you'll probably have to trace through the code to find the behavior you are trying to remove.