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Full Version: Routing Cleanup Tool
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I have spent too much of my codeigniter 4 programming time on routes which are typically so easy in html
Codeigniter 4 is best when using templates, somehow weak when making custom html pages 
 Codeigniter 4 root folder  evolved to a new location from original editions, old training videos may not reflect that change....
Xampp does not match well with this coding, will ruin your database if not backed up, backing up database views is a bit harder 
Enter Laragon for Windows -- very helpful!-- easily change root after project is installed  
Yet still it seems I change filenames from caps to small case and somewhere in the code from notepad to codeigniter 4 is a major disconnect, defaults to original
Somehow we need much better tracing or problem resolution for routes that fail, 404 errors are too often inconclusive  
It would be prayers answered to have a standalone routing cleanup tool for naming, htaccess files, routing
I'm sorry I don't understand what you're trying to say. How exactly did CI4 ruined your database? What is the problem with the new public location? Just configure your web server for this public directory or move the content to your actual public directory. Nothing complicated in that.
Honestly, I've never heard anyone say that xampp or CodeIgniter ruined anything.
xampp is the kind of software that you install, configure and... forget it!
Theoretically, everything you do in Laragon you also do in xampp because the essential programs are the same: Apache, PHP, MySql. It's a subjective question.
I apologize, but I disagree with the "inconclusive 404". 404 has only one conclusion: the pointed direction is not correct, nothing more.
By the way, in general, software is developed to do what its developer programmed. If he thought wrong the result is directly proportional, sometimes in larger proportions.
In pure metaphor, software is a mirror that reflects our actions.
I'm not saying that's your problem, but since the release of CI4 it has been made clear that there is an early stage of knowledge of the new version - that it was developed from scratch. It has a slightly steeper learning curve, for example, than the previous version.
Give it a chance, you won't regret it.
I use XAMPP all the time and have never had any problems like that.

The program is only going to do what you tell it to do nothing more or less.