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Full Version: Proposal to Combine Constants
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PHP now allows array Constants which could group current defines:
// Works as of PHP 7
define('ANIMALS', array(
echo ANIMALS[1]; // outputs "cat"
Sorry, what do you propose?
I think he means to use the new array constants for the defines in CodeIgniter 4

Also maybe the app/Config/Constants.php defines.
That would work if data are meant to be arrays. However, if several items are grouped as arrays for the sake of utilizing array constants, I don't think it is worth the effort.

Imagine combining all the error code constants (EXIT_ERROR, EXIT_AUTO_MIN, EXIT_AUTO_MAX, etc.) to an array constant EXIT_CODES. So which one would you prefer to use the error exit code, EXIT_ERROR or EXIT_CODES[0] ?
I have four sites sites (soon to be more) all calling a common CI4 application and find the following ideal for displaying the relevant constants for each domain:

file: /app/Views/incs/QQQ.php
<?php declare(strict_types=1);

$CI_VERSION = \CodeIgniter\CodeIgniter::CI_VERSION ;

define('QQQ', [
  'memory_get_usage()'      => number_format((float)memory_get_usage()) .' bytes',
  'memory_get_peak_usage()' => number_format(memory_get_peak_usage()).' bytes',
  'date("h:i:s")'  => date('l, jS F Y -H:i:s'),
  'base_url()'      => base_url(),
  'CI_DEBUG'        => CI_DEBUG    ? 'TRUE' : 'FALSE', 
  'APPPATH'        => APPPATH,
  'BASEURL'        => BASEURL, 
  'CI_VERSION'      => $CI_VERSION, 
  'FCPATH'          => FCPATH,
  'ROOTPATH'        => ROOTPATH,
  'TESTPATH'        => TESTPATH,

# LOCALHOST defined in index.php
# Maybe rendered in footer.php
echo tabulate((array) QQQ, $title='Table: QQQ'); 

I thought the grouping may be useful instead of separate Constants?