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Full Version: UPS integratoion
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Hi friends,
im working on shopping cart project using CI.
i need to integrate UPS(shipping method) with my ecommerce project.
how can i do this?can someone please give me some idea?
if any body already implemented please send me the code ...i will be very greatful to u.

and im using payment method.

Thanks & Regards,

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[eluser]Michael Wales[/eluser]
All 5 Major Carriers APIs

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[eluser]Roy MJ[/eluser]
when i clicked the ups link it shows :

Page Not Found
The page you requested cannot be found. It may have been moved or deleted.

To continue you can:

* Check the spelling of your URL and try again
* Search using the Search box in the upper right corner of this page
* Follow one of the popular links below


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[eluser]Roy MJ[/eluser]
Has anyone done this ups api for shipping in CI??