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Full Version: CI 2 Libraries with CI3
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Hi guys,

I am an amateur developer who has worked with CI2 over a year ago. One of the many reasons I chose CI was the existing open sourced libraries.(Such as REST Server, Ion Auth, etc.)
Now I want to use CI for another project but the biggest question in my mind is "Will the existing 3rd party libraries be compatible with CI3? If not, should I go with CI2?"

Thank you for your time and answer in advance.
Some 3rd part libraries maybe work with CI 3 but many have to update. In some cases thats not a big deal but you have to try it.
Same is my concern ..i need specific answer about Ion Auth and Rest API Server.. have anyone tried it yet?
I can say about Rest API Server ( - it works.
Ion auth also supports CI3 with a minimal modification.