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Full Version: Ocular Layout Library 0.25 Released
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Just released a new version of the Ocular library after using it some more on a bigger web app. This new release includes:

- Now searches for a template named the same as the controller being called. This allows different sections of your site to have completely different layouts.
- New functions to control what is shown in the page title (function name only, controller name only, both, or nothing.)
- zip file now includes base directories for the assets, as well as replaces the existing welcome_message.php view file and the welcome controller with an Ocular version to make it a little easier for new users to get right into it.

As always, changes can be found at <a href=''>GoogleCode</a>.

What's next? The biggest thing I'll be working on next will be expanding the flexibility and capabilities of the assets controller. I planning on implementing:

- allow multiple collections of stylesheets or javascripts
- I'm debating adding a way to add scripts to an on-the-fly collection that can be inserted at the end of a page, though you can do that currently with the view_data. The biggest benefit would be allowing it use the minification routines developed.
- Minification of css and js files. Looked at minify.php, but I don't like the php v5.2.1 restrictions.
- allowing css and js to be stored in nested directories
- look into better caching through far-future headers for all javascript, stylesheet and image calls through Ocular.

I'm looking for some help optimizing the code for both performance and memory usage, if anyone is willing to help out! That's an area I definitely cannot call my speciality right now, so any help is appreciated!

Hope you all get some great use out of this! Let me know if there's any concerns or requests for the library.

El Forum

When will you release the next version with caching and other features?