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Full Version: Insert() method question of the database class
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I am inserting comments in to a listing I am writing. I'm using the Active Record method insert. I'm trying to figure out the best way to reserve or convert \n to <br>.

When data is posted this is what I see when I output the data from the database:


Hello, this is really coool!



Hello, this is really cool! -Phybertek

Any ideas on the best way to input this data or output it?

public function comment_add()    

    // Insert into comments    
    redirect('list/event/' . $_POST['id'], 'location');

} //end comment_add
Even this post on this forum doesn't respect tabs.. How can you do this?

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does this help?

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Yes it does buddy! :-)



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btw if you put your code in

[ code ]
[ /code ]

tags in the forum your tabs will appear in the code.

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:-) Nice to know.. hehehehhe..!