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Full Version: best way to deploy sites with Subversion (SVN)?
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Hi, I'm developing an custom CMS that will need to be deployed for a couple of different projects. I want to be able to work on the core code and push the changes out to the installations. of course the installations will have some custom theming etc., so I don't want to affect that either.

I figure I could do this with subversion but have never used it before. I've done a lot of searching/googling but haven't found any clear instructions on how to do this, does anyone have any tips or advice?

I was planning on using as it seems a simple way to get into svn.

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If you want to really push the changes you will have to use something like GIT.

What you would normally do is:

1. Create an repository.
2. Do an initial import with the stuff you've got already.
- Ignoring the folders like user_guide and stuff.
3. Continue working. Every time you have finished an feature, or a block of work. Test it, if the test was successfull, commit, stating in the message what you've done and i.e. what kind of side-effect your changes might have.
4. Do an update on your schoollocation and you can continue working on that location.

If you are working with multiple developpers on the site. Please update before you commit. Smile

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[eluser]Daniel Eriksson[/eluser]
The "svn:externals" property in Subversion is what you are looking for:

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Thanks for the tips guys.