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Full Version: Sharing language files
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[eluser]Petr Pulc[/eluser]
Hi all,
I live in Czech Republic, so there was a need to translate all language files to my language and a lot of you probably needed to get through the same things.

Maybe to help other translating their core CI to their language, there should exist some half-official site with language files.

If you like this idea, I will make some site like that and try to manage at least for a while all things around (updates, mistypes, ...). I don't believe in public translating interfaces, so my idea is, that everything will be done by few people, flexible and well.

Comments? Volunteers? :-)

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Check this:

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[eluser]Petr Pulc[/eluser]
Oops, this shows how little I googled before making this topic... next time...
But anyway, is there anyone that cares about the translations to be fresh and right?

Thanks EEssam

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Just added Czech translation. Hope you'd like it.