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Full Version: Configuring routes for controllers/admin subfolder
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Hi guys
I've created a CI app, and now I'll begin building an admin backend for it
I've set a default controller to be called (for frontend)

$route['default_controller'] = "frontend";

and now I've created an "admin" folder inside /controllers for putting the controllers related to admin area

How should I do the routes configuration?, so when users go

they are shown or redirected to the default admin controller? Is this possible?

Thanks a lot in advance...

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Try to use "directory/controller/function" in the routing! So this could be "admin/admin/index"

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[quote author="clooner" date="1214337094"]Try to use "directory/controller/function" in the routing! So this could be "admin/admin/index"[/quote]

Didn't understand a word, I just only wanted to know what to put (apart from this line)
$route['default_controller'] = "principal";
in the config/routes.php file
so when visitors call /admin, a default controller gets called automatically (if possible)