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Full Version: Where’s the best place to start? (NEW USER HELP)
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Hello forum, I was looking around through the site and I was looking for some ideas on where to start with my Ci installation.

Right now I have Ci & a Postgre DB

My Q is, whats the best DB to use Mysql , etc

And also are there any templates for creating applications?

Like where can I find the best demo or source code to play with?

Any help will do and if there is anyway that I can help I am willing.

Thanks forum


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[eluser]Pascal Kriete[/eluser]
Hey Court,

The first place to start is with the video tutorials.
Then take a long, hard look at the user guide.

After that I would go through the wiki, specifically some of the tutorials and applications. I particularly like Bamboo and Inktype as they are both very mature projects.

As for databases, CodeIgniter has drivers for mysql, sqlite, postgre, mssql, mysqli, odbc, and oci8. Take your pick Wink . I personally use mysql most of the time, with the occassional sqlite for small apps.

Welcome to Codeigniter.

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Hi coolcourt good morning,

Welcome to the club!
hmm, you can try derek allard tutorials and download his sample ci application.
heres the link CodeIgniter Sample Application

You can try also Bamboo invoice, download the codes and im sure you will learn from it.

Cheers Smile

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thanks guys, i used postgre for my db but i might do another with mysql. Imma look at those links you guys sent me, i used the user guide to get the Ci set up. I even went to slideshare and printed out a few slideshows to look at on my lunch breaks and stuff. Thanks

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[eluser]Jamie Rumbelow[/eluser]

I run a sort of weekly screencast on CodeIgniter.

Check it out at

If it helps you (or doesn't!), please comment!


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The CodeIgniter Directory is good too.

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Good morning, So far I have set up a base Ci, Then I set up a Inktype, Now I have set up a Kohana, im slowly settling down into the files but I have been trying to figure out a plan to build a nicely structured website with auto loading JS, I dont know if I can have multiple JS frameworks or if I should stick to one.

I'll also check out those new links also.

thank you