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Full Version: Weird Config Error?
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[eluser]Moon 111[/eluser]
I downloaded Code Igniter changed only the base directory variable in /config/config.php but for some weird reason it's loading files in the base dir of my entire server!

Go to . Does it load the welcome page (which it should by default)? No. If you write does it work? No. But if you write it loadsthe file test123.php which is, like, 7 directorys beneath where it should be loading stuff.

Can someone please help me???

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[eluser]mathew edison[/eluser]
When I add /welcome behind the index page CodeIgniter actually loads a page. I'm not sure if it's the right one but hey it's a start. Are you sure that you set the correct base path and that the files are being over-written in FTP? Try re-uploading the system and see what happens. It cannot be a fault in the CI system as far as I know the only mistakes could have been the base path or something like a .htaccess file gone wrong but hey what do I know, I'm only just a starting CI newbie myself XD