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Full Version: Installation problems
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[eluser]Moon 111[/eluser]
After downloading Code Igniter I uploaded it to my server and set the base directory in the config.php file. For some reason if I try to view the page, it doesn't load the welcome file. I tried writing it explicilty (/index.php/welcome), but it loaded a file in the base directory of my server (not what I set). For example if I write /index.php/welcome it will load instead of

Any idea why this happened?

Thank you very much,
- Moshe


Here is what I set (this is the only thing I changed):

$config['base_url'] = "";

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"". This is not a valid path...Codeigniter does not work like that.

If your codeigniter installation sits in the folder "Codeigniter" as I can see on your server than the default url must be somewhere at that url:

I can see a 404 there which is weird. If I go to the main page I can see a comming soon message. Are you sure there's no htaccess file on your server to interfere with CI's installation?

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[eluser]Moon 111[/eluser]
I found one and deleted it, but it's still not working.

Any other ideas?

By the way, Webber, I didn't mean that it would open that page, I meant that it should load that page when I enter "", but for some reason it loads the file "". Why would it do that?