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Full Version: Max number of subviews on large pages?
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I ran into a very interesting problem today. The site I run can have pages that are fairly dynamic in size. One page today is 117KB of just HTML, and while the page looked perfectly fine in my browser, firebug was reporting a 500 internal server error status. So I looked at my page source and the bottom half of my footer was missing.

So after looking at my CI log, php-error log, and apache error log, there's absolutely no trace of a 500 error being thrown. It's not an .htaccess problem, because every other page works fine and it's not being thrown on server connect. It's also not a memory limit issue.

So I looked in my footer and the code is dying directly before my last two sub-view loads. If I take those out, the page loads fine. If I replace the standard CI view loader with just an include() it also works fine!

Can anyone even begin to speculate about what was happening? Like I said, nothing in any log about it. It also works fine on my development machine with the CI loaders. I'm assuming it has to be some kind of output buffer limit, but I thought I would post it here to see if anyone has any idea.