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Full Version: My first CodeIgnited site ..
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So, in my spare time I've been playing with CodeIgniter and decided i wanted to rebuilt my own site using it.

And it's finally done:

If you have any feedback or praises i gladly receive them.

(of course if you actually create an account or know people who might want to there's cookies to be won)

Anyway, I wasn't sure if CodeIgniter could handle all the stuff i wanted it to do. Turns out it can. Thanks CodeIgniter!

/ Hyra

El Forum

Nice job. Tough to tell anything about the code from looking at the site, but the design is very well done. Congrats.

My only suggestion would be to install YSlow for Firebug in Firefox and run through the performance section. There's quite a few things you can do to improve the front-end performance such as adding expires headers, and minifying your js.

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Hey nice looking site.

But just browsing your site did come up with a problem.

Error is

A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Notice

Message: Trying to get property of non-object

Filename: models/artwork_mdl.php

Line Number: 22

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I would say you done a great job. Keep improve the site by tuning performance.

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Thanks all.

OES .. that seems to be an old link from when i was developing it all locally. I'll try and find where that comes up. Thanks for pointing it out Smile

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[eluser]Christopher Blankenship[/eluser]
Nice site Hyra.

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awesome UI design... i like it very much..........

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Nice design, but i agree with @dmorin about the the code stucture. Keep it up though.

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[eluser]Programming Life[/eluser]
Nice layout your website have.
CAn you tell me from where you had
hosted your website
if you dont mind can you give us
your website template
thanks if you helpus

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[eluser]Erwin Setiawan[/eluser]
Good Job!
I like your site actually..
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