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Full Version: Need help with regexp (or strip_tags maybe?)
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Hello everyone.

I'm playing with regexp with no luck.
Currently I have this string:
<td style=\"padding: 0in 5.4pt; width: 0.5in; border: medium 1.5pt 1.5pt medium none solid solid none -moz-use-text-color windowtext windowtext -moz-use-text-color;\" width=\"48\">
What should I do I have a :
as a result?

I'm sure some of you are smarter on this than me.

Thank you in advance!

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why don't you use php support for work with DOM?

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If the goal is remove any style attribute from any TD tag:
$text = preg_replace('#(<td\s[^>]*)style=([\'"]).*\2([^>]*>)#isU', "$1$3", $text);

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mihailt, I will look into it. didn't ever hear about it.

NogDog: thanks, but your example didn't work..
I found different sollution:

$text = '<a href="" style="font-size: 25px;">test</a>';

  function strip_tags_attributes($sSource, $aAllowedTags = array('<a>'), $aDisabledAttributes = array('style'))
        if (empty($aDisabledAttributes)) return strip_tags($sSource, implode('', $aAllowedTags));

        return preg_replace('/<(.*?)>/ie', "'<' . preg_replace(array('/[removed][^\"\']*/i', '/(" . implode('|', $aDisabledAttributes) . ")[ \\t\\n]*=[ \\t\\n]*[\"\'][^\"\']*[\"\']/i', '/\s+/'), array('', '', ' '), stripslashes('\\1')) . '>'", strip_tags($sSource, implode('', $aAllowedTags)));
echo $text; // outputs: <a href="">test</a>

so here in $aAllowedTags = array('<a>') you put tags, you want to keep.
and in: $aDisabledAttributes = array('style') you put attributes you want to cut.
for example: $aDisabledAttributes = array('onabort', 'onblue', 'onchange', 'onclick', 'ondblclick', 'onerror', 'onfocus', 'onkeydown', 'onkeyup', 'onload', 'onmousedown', 'onmousemove', 'onmouseover', 'onmouseup', 'onreset', 'onresize', 'onselect', 'onsubmit', 'onunload') etc...

Hope it helps someone who hits this post Smile