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Full Version: Model not found - problem with names
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Hey there

I have encountered following problem: on my developer machine, I have a model, let's call it mdl_myModel. It is found as expected when I load it.

When I use the same model on my ISP, I encounter the 'not found' error, when trying to load it. I figured out that changing the name to mdl_mymodel (not-capital 'm'), the problem is solved on my ISP.

Is this a PHP-configuration issue?


El Forum

your developer machine runs windows right?

windows ignores the case of filenames.
on Linux systems you can create multiple files with the "same" name
but different casing Wink

CI applies strtolower to the filename before looking for the model on the file-system.

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ah yeah, forgot to mention, windows of course. I c, now I'm a bit smarter Smile