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Full Version: google indexing problem help!!!!
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when i google link to my site looks normal, but when i put word barf on page of results)

google did something weird
that is the search result

Database Error
- [ TĹ‚umaczenie strony ]
Error Number: 1017. Can't find file: './propets_1/ci_sessions.frm' (errno: 13). INSERT INTO ci_sessions (session_id, ip_address, user_agent, ... - 1k - Kopia - Podobne strony

that is the link to google cached site looks like that

what has happend and how to repair it????

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*.frm files are used by mysql to store information about the table structure.

google probably visited you site while you hosting provider has done some maintance
or just messed something up Wink

google should update that entry sooner or later.

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If you log into google webmaster tools i think you can request that that page is removed from cache.

For this you will need a google account of course.