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Full Version: Internationalization problem with language class
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I have a very dumb question (haven't been coding for a while):

I try to make a bilingual website with the CI's language class. I thought I did everything as mentioned in the user guide (Language class description).

CI finds the language file, but typing e.g.
in the index function of welcome.php controller or in the view (welcome_msg.php) just echoes the lines of the language file to the HTML code.

Sounds like a really basic failure. Could someone offer a quick advice? Thanks!

p.s. I did a quick search to see if anyone has had a similar issue, but didn't find anything yet... Sorry to bother about this.

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not sure what's going on here, I use the language files a lot, and have had no problems.
can you post your welcome_msg language file?

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no starting php tag in the welcome_msg_lang.php file?

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[quote author="xwero" date="1227647675"]no starting php tag in the welcome_msg_lang.php file?[/quote]

Yeah, silly me! I thought they would somehow not be needed there... :red:
Anyway, it works perfectly now!

Damn fast support, you guys rock! Thanks! Smile