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Full Version: OpenSocial and login with Google Accounts
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Hello there !!

I need to do something that I couldn't find in anyplace, google, others, etc.

My website login should be google login; U know, that kind of logins that have the small message: "Sign up with Google login" or something like that...

I really do need this, my boss is veeeery interested in it.

I'll have to share contacts, make communities all with OpenSocial features, but the most difficult to find is the login question...

I saw OpenSocial API, saw the OAuth API and codes, but without usage examples it become something impossible to me implement it.

Anyone knows about it?

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Hi Rubiz

We spoke a little earlier on IRC but after a quick dig found this on the Oauth site.

Its a library so perfect for CI.

Good luck and keep us posted :-).

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OES, I had already seen this class but, hmmm...
I cant realize, how could I use it inside CI?

I'd have to be guided, how use it in CI em how use those functions, I cant understand...
I'm just a girl in the world rsrsrsrsrsr!!!

Thanx for the answer

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Rubiz' Did you find a solution how to use the class as Library?

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No... it was the only issue I had to tell my boss: "I can't resolv that"
No one helped me, just indicated links that I couldnt understand how use in CI...


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