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Full Version: A small error in Derek Jones' Hello World! Introduction to CodeIgniter video part 2 tutorial.
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[eluser]Colin McCubbin[/eluser]
I just downloaded CodeIgniter and am working through Derek Jones 2nd video tutorial.

When he talks about using Auto-load Core Libraries in autoload.php to automatically add database connectivity he says add 'database' to the line $autoload['core'] = array();.

I tried to copy his example, but found that my newly downloaded autoload.php at that point says DEPRECATED: Use $autoload['libraries'] above instead. and although $autoload['core'] = array(); exists as a line it is commented out.

Although I doubt that he would want to recreate his whole video presentation, perhaps it would help real beginners to somewhere comment the fact that the video is no longer up to date on this point. ;-)

Great tutorial though, (and I'm loving codeigniter BTW)!