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Full Version: Quick question about uploading
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When uploading a file, you can upload it to the webserver or an ftp yes? If so, what is the difference pros/cons between those two?

For example, say I had to have a client access area for them to upload me large files, list uploaded files and get an email when a file is uploaded.


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[eluser]Phil Sturgeon[/eluser]
You will need to upload it to your webserver first, then send it off to another server via FTP if you feel the content should be on different servers.

I do this when working with large media files, or files that need to be available even if the web server goes down.

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Hello pyromaniac

So when I upload using the FTP Class, I am not sending directly to the FTP but to the webserver first than to the FTP?

Interesting. So I could say that uploading to the FTP would serve more as a backup in my case?